Save the date DUBLIN VEGFEST 22nd & 23rd September 2018

Exhibitors Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Dublin Vegfest are subject to change. Please check them regularly to take notice of any changes.


Bookings will be confirmed on receipt of the submitted online booking form. All online bookings are binding and must be paid for in full by 31st July 2017. On receipt of the full fee, your participation at Dublin Vegfest 2017 will be confirmed and your details entered on the website.All bookings are non-refundable. Cancellation charge is full balance due to the nature of this event. Subletting exhibiting space in part or in its entirety is not permitted.



Exhibitors are responsible for insurance, allergy awareness, health & safety hygiene certificates & standards. If you wish to serve food or drink in any form at this event (including sampling and catering) you must:

  1. Be registered with local FSA of Ireland and have your HACCP – food safety management system in place
  2. Ensure that all the electrical appliances that you are using are P.A.T. tested
  3. Provide adequate hygiene facilities on your stall.

You are asked to provide copies of your FSA registration and P.A.T. certs by 31st July 2017


Stallholders are responsible for any accidents or injuries to the public caused by their products or their use of the space allocated to them, and must arrange their own Public Liability, Product Liability and Employers Liability Insurance cover.

You are asked to provide a copy of your insurance by 31st July 2017.


All food served at the event must be prepared off site. All products must be dairy-free and egg-free vegan. This means no meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, animal parts, or byproducts, including honey. This also means no animal derivatives such as broth, gelatin, rennet, lard, tallow, and no dairy derivatives such as whey or casein. Any food items that do not adhere to these guidelines will be removed from display, sale, and sampling. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Ingredients should be listed on the package or on the display. Foods without artificial additives are most desirable. Printed materials including displays, handouts, and recipes, may not promote foods that are non-vegan.

Serving food

All food served at the event must be prepared off site. Exhibitors are allowed to heat food up using electrical appliances powered by regular domestic current. Use adequate closed containers for serving all food items. Hot drinks must be in sturdy containers fitted with lids to avoid risk of spillage.

Food Sampling

Please ensure that adequate hygiene is maintained with food sampling, e.g the provision of cocktail sticks, avoidance of shared bowls.

Allergy labels

To ensure no undesirable allergic reactions to certain food ingredients from members of the public, we demand that stallholders clearly label the ingredients in their produce that could cause allergic reactions (e.g. soya, nuts, gluten, etc). Please familiarize yourselves with the laws on labeling of allergens – available to view at Here.

Temperature control

Exhibitors are required to keep food at adequate temperature. Food requiring refrigeration must be kept at 5°C. Food that is being kept hot after cooking or reheating must be maintained at a temperature of 63°C or above.


The consumption and sales of alcohol is not permitted at the event unless otherwise agreed and confirmed with the organizer. Please contact the organizers if you wish to sell alcohol.


All non-food items must not have been tested on animals, and must be free of leather, fur, wool, gelatin and any animal slaughter derivatives or animal products. Printed materials including displays, handouts, and recipes, may not promote foods or products that are non-vegan.

Promotional material

Please keep all promotional material on offer family friendly (not containing any graphic images of animals in pain). Exhibit displays or signs must be on tables. Banners can be taped to walls if your stall space backs onto a wall.

Set-up and break down

Exhibitors are responsible for setup and breakdown of their exhibits. There will be limited number of volunteers for navigating you at the main exhibiting space. Set up happens on Friday 22nd September (12:00 am – 20:00 pm).

The event on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September runs from 11:00 – 18:00 each day. Exhibit tables must be fully staffed and must remain fully staffed and prepared to interact with attendees from 10:30 am until 6:00 pm. Equipment load out begins at 6 pm. No early breakdown will be permitted. All materials must be removed from the grounds by 9 pm Sunday 24th September.


Your stall will be positioned in such a manner as to not obstruct the safe movement of persons throughout the day. You are asked to ensure that throughout the day circulation routes are kept clear and no additional obstructions are created. Signage should be legible, easily visible and identifying of the organization or business.

Admittance and re-admittance

Access to the exhibition area will only be allowed with the appropriate tickets. A total of 2 tickets will be given to you before the event. These allow access to the venue during setup and breakdown periods, and also allow admittance and re-admittance to the show should you wish to leave the venue temporarily and re-enter at a later time.


There is limited electricity available in the venue at extra price. It is by pre-arrangement only. You must bring your own extension leads. Any electrical equipment used must be PAT tested, CE rated, and suitable for use on a standard 13 Amp circuit (standard domestic circuit). Any cables must be positioned in a manner to avoid creating a trip hazard. Please inquire about access to electricity.


Exhibitor will not interfere with the safety, success and effectiveness of Dublin Vegfest. This includes but is not limited to behavior, display materials, literature, equipment, or operations, unusual odors, noise level or extending beyond exhibitor’s space and/or blockage of public passageways.


There is one water point on the exhibiting floor situated outside of the auditorium. If applicable all exhibitors/caterers are required to bring their own portable sinks for hand and equipment washing.


Stallholders must, where necessary, provide a sufficient number of suitable containers for waste until it can be removed from the stall. Waste facilities (all exhibitors will need to have 2 bins: one for food waste and one for refuse as per  All recyclables need to be removed by exhibitors.


Adequate supply of food-grade detergents and disinfectants must be provided at the stall. Cleaning products and equipment must be stored away from the food to avoid contamination.


You are asked to keep your area of work clean and clear of any obstacles at all times. Spillages are to be cleaned immediately. At close of business we ask that you remove any waste material.


There is a first aid post onsite in the foyer of the Griffith Conference Centre (see floor plans on the website). In the case of any accidents or emergencies requiring urgent treatment, please visit the first aid point.


In the event of a fire (which will be indicated by the fire alarm bell) or other emergency, you must immediately leave the venue and follow the instructions of the venue Fire Warden. Make your way to the advised assembly point to be included in the role call..


Please be mindful when speaking with attendees that Dublin Vegfest aims to be 100% vegan friendly event and do not make non-vegan culinary/dietary/lifestyle/product recommendations.

100% VEGAN

The organizers reserve the rights to ask stallholders to remove from their stall or their staff products which contain non-vegan ingredients such as meat, dairy, fish, eggs, honey, beeswax, wool, silk, fur, leather, etc. If you are not 100% sure which products are qualified vegan, please contact us beforehand.


There is a no smoking policy on the premises of Griffith Conference Centre.


Stallholders are responsible for their own goods at the event and no responsibility is accepted by the organizers for loss, damage or financial loss.

Please take account of the following security advice from the venue:

  • Do not leave your stand unattended at any time during setup, the open period or breakdown. Do not leave the hall until all visitors have gone.
  • Do not position valuable items at the front of your stand, where you may not be able to keep an eye on them.
  • Ensure you have enough staff, so that the stand is not vulnerable to thieves and do not ask a neighboring exhibitor to watch over your stand while you go for a break. They may become busy and not be able to keep an eye on your stand.
  • Arrive in time for the event. Ensure your stand is staffed at least 15 minutes before event open time of 11:00 am.
  • If you are a victim of theft or damage, please report this to the Site Manager or to your nearest security personnel or steward. The organisers however cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to exhibitor’s property.


Exhibitors, visitors and speakers at Dublin Vegfest may appear in promotional photos for the event without prior consultation.


All exhibitors are encouraged to promote Dublin Vegfest through their websites, newsletters, emailings or other media channels.

Dublin Vegfest reserves the right to decline any application at our discretion.


1,000 -1,500 attendees are anticipated over the course of day. Please plan accordingly.

Samples and sales/special offers are welcome as listed and approved by Dublin Vegfest in Exhibitor’s Terms & Conditions.

“Special” discounts are encouraged.

Food exhibitors and Food Sample–only Exhibitors are required/advised to bring a minimum of 150 portions.

Non-profit groups may also solicit memberships and fund raise at their stall.

Since many of our visitors are passionate about the vegan cause, it will set a great example if you can make sure that all staff working stalls do not wear any non-vegan apparels at the event leather jackets, feathers, shells, bones etc.

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