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Christina Leopold


Christina Leopold

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Christina Leopold, budding recipe developer and food blogger became vegan over 2 years ago after watching documentaries about the lifestyle. Having to start back at the drawing board in terms of what foods to eat led her to begin developing her own recipes using plant based whole foods. Using just a few staple ingredients such as dates, (hence the name, addictedtodates!) she began experimenting with delicious dessert recipes. She would then share her creations with friends, family and colleagues who encouraged her to start her own website.

Christina credits her background in culinary arts for helping her to look at ingredients used in traditional recipes and develop them using a plant based substitute. She also draws daily inspiration from the ever growing vegan community on instagram. Addictedtodates is about bringing vegan recipes to the mainstream, and uniting both vegan and non vegan communities through delicious, healthy food. It’s about replacing regular treats with cruelty free alternatives without ever having to compromise on taste!

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23/09 No bake cakes (food demo)

Demo area (1st floor)

24/09 No Bake Cakes (food demo)

Demo Area (1st floor)