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Glauce Lucas

All About Vegan Food

Glauce Lucas

All About Vegan Food
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Glauce Lucas became vegan in Brazil back in 1997. She knew how important her decision was for the animals. She couldn’t imagine what it would mean to her life in the future. In 2012, her son Enrico was born. Glauce realised that although her decision to raise him vegan was very obvious, many families have doubts and questions about raising their children vegan. Glauce decided to create a Vegan Families page dedicated to parents raising vegan children on her website All About Vegan Food where she shares recipes, tips, advice and, most importantly giving support.

Glauce has spoken at several international vegan gatherings on the subject of raising a vegan family, has been featured in the Irish Independent in 2016 in an article about raising vegan children as well as on TV and radio in Ireland. In her talk “Raising Vegan Children: We’re Doing It Right” Glauce will share her journey as a vegan parent; the challenges, joys and her wisdom at Dublin VegFest 2017.

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23/09 Raising vegan kids: We’re doing it right

Inside Talks A (ground floor)

24/09 Raising vegan kids: We’re doing it right

Inside Talks A (entrance level)