Save the date DUBLIN VEGFEST 22nd & 23rd September 2018

Jack English

Free runner athlete

Jack English

Free runner athlete


Hi, my name is Jack English, I was born in London and raised in Ireland. At age 25 I’ve had 20 years of eating a non-plantbased diet. I had no idea what I was missing. This vegan diet/lifestyle has given me a clear conscience and easy way of living to better my athletic results. I have been jumping walls since I was 2 years old and mixing in acrobatics since I was 8. I love to perform and Parkour / Freerunning is the style I’m best at.

I will be performing at Dublin Vegfest 2017, building the hype and showing that vegan athletes can perform great. I have lots of energy and athletic abilities to impress. Can I backflip? Yes, I can also flip over your parents, your brother and your sister too. I will be talking to those with questions at the end of performing and generally connecting with the audience throughout the performance with fun little games. Come and check it out!

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