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Patrik Baboumian

The world's strongest vegan

Patrik Baboumian

The world's strongest vegan
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Since going vegan more than five years ago Patrik Baboumian has become one of the most vocal advocates for a plant based nutrition in the athletic field. As a strength athlete he has gathered numerous titles and international records proving again and again that a balanced vegan diet is the best nutritional base for a healthy life and athletic performance. After 12 years competing as a meat eater, 6 years as a vegetarian and now over five years as a vegan, he states that he has never been stronger and felt better than after going vegan. Patrik has studied psychology and sociology and has his own media consulting firm wile he spends the bulk of his time traveling the world advocating animal rights and the vegan lifestyle.

In his talk Patrik Baboumian who is also known as the “world’s strongest vegan” will give some insight into the experiences he has gathered in 23 years being an athlete and working with vegan, vegetarian and mixed diets always with maximal athletic performance in mind. He will also touch and dispel some of the most common myths regarding vegan nutrition and athletic performance.

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