Save the date DUBLIN VEGFEST 22nd & 23rd September 2018

Siân Brown



Siân Brown is a singer/songwriter studying music in Cork city. She has, to date, released two solo albums and is currently writing a third. She is set to release an electro-punk album with her alternative band Lambdancer, which consists of her and her electro producer husband Darqhorse, by the end of the summer with a single release in the next few weeks. She is also studying for the Masters in Music Therapy in the University of Limerick. Siân has been vegan for four years and vegetarian for ten years before that and is very happy to be playing at Dublin Vegfest. As well as creating music she has also produced a number of YouTube videos on being vegan and has completed a successful series of vegan food demonstrations in Natural Choice health shop in Cork city.

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