Save the date DUBLIN VEGFEST 22nd & 23rd September 2018
Terri Fierce and Michael Donohoe

Terri Fierce and Michael Donohoe

Terri is three-time World Doubles Pole Champion as well as two-time Irish National Solo Champion. Michael is three-time Irish National Pole Champion and UK Pole Champion as well as a Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Nutritional Advisor. They have been Vegan for 3 years and are proud to show that strength and power can be plant-based and cruelty-free!

Hazel Hogan

Hazel Hogan is a poet from Dublin. Hazel tackles wide-ranging societal issues in her work – from the housing crisis through to mental health. Hazel has been vegetarian and vegan for seven years, Animal Rights is somethings she cares about greatly. Hazel will perform her poetry at Dublin Vegfest 2017.

Jack English

Jack English has been jumping walls since he was 2 years old. He will be performing at Dublin Vegfest 2017 and talking to those with questions. Come and check him out!

Dearbhla Mitchell

Upon completing the national qualification in Exercise, Health and Personal Training with the National Training Centre, Dearbhla successfully progressed her expertise at Platinum Pilates, where she is now happily teaching.


Masamba are one of the best Irish samba groups. They play a mixture of traditional and modern rhythms, including samba, samba-reggae, timbalada, funk, maracatu, ijexá, coco, hip-hop, samba-rock, and many other experimental mixes, with even the odd bit of Irish traditional music thrown in for good measure! Enjoy a little bit of festival atmosphere with Masamba on Saturday 23rd of September at Dublin Vegfest. 

Lauren Bamford

Hooping is spontaneous, engaging and most importantly... fun! Learn some cool tricks, find your groove, enliven your body! For those who believe they cannot hula hoop, Lauren will get you spinning like never before.

Ines Khai

We are thrilled to have Ines Khai join us again to perform at Dublin Vegfest 2017. Ines' songs contain Nu Soul, Afro Caribbean, Gospel, R&B and Creole influences. All shared in an amazing vocal range. She is always working on new songs and will perform on the day with only guitar and voice, singing a more intimist story about crossing oceans with beautiful creole words and melodies. Come join this journey!


Lambdancer are a spoof sci-fi electro punk duo comprised of Cork based singer/songwriter Siân Brown posing as her alter ego 'Moonbird' and Cork based electro producer Jimmy Wormall aka Darqhorse. Lambdancers live gigs never disappoint on the entertainment front. The high energy dance vibe really gets the crowd going not to mention the outrageous costumes and day glow wigs!

Siân Brown

Siân Brown is a singer/songwriter based in Cork. She has been vegan for four years and vegetarian for ten years before that. Siân Brown will be joining us with a set of her beautiful original songs.

Seb Kerbay

Calm State represents a genre of easy listening/ atmospheric music - it's a project of Seb Kerrbay that over the years has developed and shaped into different ensembles of his musician friends who together record and perform his music. It's a mellow and playfully rhythmical collection of Seb's acoustic music. An enchanting combination of melody, lyricism, sunny rhythms and guitar chords' madness!