Save the date DUBLIN VEGFEST 22nd & 23rd September 2018
James Aspey

James Aspey

We are thrilled to host James Aspey for his first talk in Ireland. James promotes veganism passionately and creatively. From a year of silence for animals & cycle across Australia to a YouTube speech with over 6 million views! Not to be missed!

Patrik Baboumian

Since going vegan more than five years ago Patrik Baboumian has become one of the most vocal advocates for a plant based nutrition in the athletic field. As a strength athlete he has gathered numerous titles and international records proving again and again that a balanced vegan diet is the best nutritional base for a healthy life and athletic performance. In his talk Patrik Baboumian who is also known as the "world's strongest vegan" will give some insight into the experiences he has gathered in 23 years being an athlete and working with vegan, vegetarian and mixed diets always with maximal athletic performance in mind. He will also touch and dispel some of the most common myths regarding vegan nutrition and athletic performance.

Earthling Ed

Earthling Ed began his YouTube channel at the beginning of 2016 with the aim of producing educational vegan content that would inspire and equip vegans with the information needed to be confident advocates for veganism. Since that time he has also began filming and uploading street interview videos where he asks members of the public questions about veganism and the morality of eating animals and their secretions.

Dr. Ailis Brosnan

Dr Ailis Brosnan will be speaking about the benefits of a plant based vegan diet at Dublin Vegfest 2017. If you have questions about a healthy vegan diet this talk is for you. Dr. Ailis Brosnan is an advocate of plant based nutrient dense diets. Vegan for over 20 years Ailis is the director of ‘Your Healthy Living Coach’. She has a first class honours degree in ‘Exercise Science’ from DeMontfort University in the UK and a Master’s degree in ‘Health Promotion and Wellness Management’. Her third degree is a Professional Doctorate degree in Health Sciences (Psychology).

Conor Kerley (PhD, BSc, H. Dip, MINDI)

Conor received his Bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Trinity College Dublin and Dublin Institute of Technology and his PhD from University College Dublin. He's worked in several hospitals, universities and other institutions in Ireland and most recently in the United States. Conor will answer for us one of the most popular questions at the time: A plant based diet: the optimal diet for health?

Alpesh Patel

Alpesh is the scientific grants officer for Animal Free Research UK (AFR UK), responsible for managing and maintaining AFR UK’s research grants portfolio. His talk will introduce Animal Free Research UK (AFR UK), its mission, ethos, values and an insight into its work.

Nicole Matthews

Nicole Matthews is a greyhound welfare advocate and campaigner, a committee member of ICABS; Irish Council Against Blood Sports and a proud Mama to Legend, an amputee greyhound survivor of China's dog meat trade slaughterhouses. Nicole has spoken as an expert witness at the government Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine debates on the General Scheme of the Greyhound Industry Bill 2017. Nicole will share a story that travels across continents, through the challenges of rescues, campaigning in Ireland and worldwide to become someone who has gone from vegan to animal advocate and activist for greyhounds.

Glauce Lucas

Glauce Lucas decided to create a Vegan Families page All About Vegan Food dedicated to parents raising vegan children. She has spoken at several international vegan gatherings on the subject of raising a vegan family. In her talk “Raising Vegan Children: We're Doing It Right” Glauce will share her journey as a vegan parent; the challenges, joys and her wisdom at Dublin VegFest 2017.

Ken Spector

Ken Spector, principal of, speaks about vegan travel, creates videos about his travels, and provides travel tips to audiences globally. He will be sharing some world travel tips, tricks, and his view of what is going internationally from a vegan perspective.

Earthlings Experience

Earthlings Experience Dublin holds weekly demonstrations in Dublin City Centre where they use laptops and other devices to show footage from farms and slaughterhouses to the public. The aim is to raise awareness and educate people on the reality of animal farming practices, and promote a vegan lifestyle.