About Us

We are Dublin Vegfest – a small dedicated group of people passionate about vegan living.  Vegfest started when we saw the need to showcase the beneficial, brilliant and beautiful of a vegan lifestyle. Using our backgrounds in vegan events, co-ops and NGO’s we decided to host Dublin Vegfest. Dublin Vegfest has become an important event in the calendar of anyone curious about veganism, plant based ethical food, community, animal rights, health and having craic!

craic(noun) : Irish word for fun/enjoyment that has been brought into the English language. usu. when mixed with music. ‘Bhi craic agus ceol againn’ : We had fun and music. Fun doesn’t really cut it though. General banter, good times had by all. Also, a person who is good fun/great company.

We have supported thousands of people to go vegan and stay vegan. Because we are vegans we understand the challenges people can face when considering living vegan. Previous to Vegfest we set up a community vegan cafe in Dublin which became a vegan education and performance space in Temple Bar for two years. We also ran Kindness Cafe alongside Open Cinema where through partnerships with local food distributors, fruits and vegetables saved from landfill and transported by bike! Where turned into nutritious free vegan meals for homeless people in a pop up vegan cafe setting. We started Vegan runners Ireland and some of us run wearing a vegan runners vest in large mainstream events to raise awareness and show you can thrive on a vegan diet.  We’ve been involved in vegan advocacy in one form or other for years! We work with ethical business, non profit organisations and individuals to put their vision in front of people.