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Angela Davis Loves Animals & Challenges Speciesism.

Angela Davis’s is a respected voice of transformative justice. She has been an activist since childhood, struggling against racism, white supremacy and injustice in the United States for decades. She’s lectured at Stanford University and California University and has authored several books. In 2020, Time magazine included Angela in their list of the 100 most influential women in the world. In recent years she has been more outspoken about her veganism and animal rights position drawing attention to the connection with human rights struggles. Recently Angela was a guest speaker at the Speakers Agency & Education Institute ( SPEAK OUT) event called Healing Love Joy & Resistance. During the conversation Angela spoke about a radical approach that included all species, human beings and animals in creating alternatives to replace the terrible oppression caused by social relations and economic systems that have produced much pain and misery. Watch below

Angela Davis – Speak Out.

When asked what brings them joy in their own life, their love for animals was the first thing she said. She was critical of speciesism saying humans have wrongly put themselves at the top of a hierarchy over non human animals just as historically white people have been at the top of humans making a connection between racism and speciesism. Watch below.

Image- Speak Out.

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