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Chocolatey Clare Bonbons Giveaway

Looks beautiful, tastes amazing, and represents the best of ethics and sustainability. 

Chocolatey Clare is an independent local vegan producer we admire. They have been handcrafting chocolate since 2016. Clare the woman behind the chocolate business says “I just love chocolate, always have. It reminds me of special childhood treats, a little square of chocolate placed quietly in my hand by my gentle dad whom I adored. It filled me with warmth, love, and happiness. Chocolatey Clare’s products are made with organic raw cacao nibs and cacao butter from the finest Peruvian Criollo beans. Only 3% of the world’s chocolate is made with these beans!  “When I went vegan in 2014 with the rest of my family, I really wanted to find a delicious chocolate that would still fill me with joy. My aim was to produce a thoroughly delicious chocolate that looks beautiful, tastes amazing, and represents the best of ethics and sustainability.”  Chocolatey Clare packaging is beautifully elegant and plastic-free. The inner wrappers are made from a home compostable plant-based film. The outer boxes are made from FSC-certified board that is printed with vegetable-based ink using wind-powered printing machines! All chocolates are child and slave labour free. Its easy to appreciate the commitment to producing great tasting ethical vegan chocolate. They were recently approved to the Food Empowerment Projects Recommended Chocolate List, the list is used internationally as a guide for consumers. To be included, companies are transparent about the country of origin for the cocoa beans in their vegan chocolate and make chocolate that does not involve the exploitation of humans (children or adults) or non-human animals. If you would like to to win a box of Chocolatey Clare’s Bonbons? Go to our Giveaways on our Instagram and Facebook pages where Chocolatey Clare has kindly given us 2 boxes as prizes on each giveaway and just follow the instructions to take part.

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