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Climate events at Dublin Vegfest

Join our panel of climate experts on Sunday 29th September @ 1 pm in the INSIDE TALKS B for some serious deep dive into solutions for climate breakdown.

Jo Dirix – Belgian animal rights and human activist focuses on the ethical dimensions of climate breakdown.

Keelin Moncrieff is an advocate for sustainable fashion and youth leader of Irish section of Extinction Rebellion. 

James O’Donovan is the current chair of Cork Environmental Forum, a local environmental organization raising awarness and implementing projects around Cork City and County. 

Marloes Boere grew up on a dairy farm in Netherlands. She studied future planet studies and philosophy to understand the complexity of the Climate Breakdown and to find possible solutions for it. 

Gary Tyrrell works as Climate Action Officer for An Taisce’s Environmental Education Unit, within the Climate Ambassador Programme. 

Gary Tyrrells talk CLIMATE CHANGE AND FOOD on Saturday 28th @ 12:00 in the INSIDE TALKS B will focus on the links between food, animals, climate change, biodiversity, agriculture and food waste. Gary will host a talk looking at where the dots connect and will share some insights on causes, effects and solutions.

Jo Dirixs talk ARE YOU A CLIMATE VEGAN? on Saturday 28th @ 3 pm in the INSIDE TALKS A will argue that the reasons for which we are compelled towards veganism warrant an eco-friendly lifestyle. Furthermore, it will attempt to show that the mentioned dichotomy between animals and ecosystems is of little regard when considering the ethical stances that lead us to veganism. Indeed, if the locus of concern is the fulfillment of rights (and the absence of harm) then the importance of thriving ecosystems can hardly be underestimated.

James ODonovans talk NATURE RISING, TRANSITIONING TO AN IRISH VEGAN AGRICULTURAL SYSTEM on Sunday 29th @ 12 pm in the INSIDE TALKS B will highlight how we can restructure agricultural subsidies to Transition to an Irish Vegan Agricultural System. If farmers can get their current subsidies for ecosystem services instead of animal agriculture this will increase the income of 70% of Irish Farmers. This will also allow millions of hectares of land to be returned to native forests, grasslands and wetlands while increasing the food calories produced and reducing our climate change emissions by over 50%.

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