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Meet the first Irish vegan supermarket (and it’s NOT in Dublin)*

The opening of a vegan supermarket causes quite the stir, not only in Ireland but globally.

Located in Ennis, Co Clare, Meanwell Wholefoods have been attracting visitors from every corner of the country for almost two decades. 

However, it was three years ago that the vegan family-run business made history by becoming fully plant-based, cementing them as Ireland’s very first vegan supermarket. 

You certainly step into a plant-based haven when you walk through their door, with over 2,500 items to choose from. Amongst the vegan offerings, you’ll find rare treats that would satisfy any sweet tooth and products that you can’t find anywhere else on the Emerald Island. If that wasn’t enough to get you down to Clare asap, at the core of Meanwell is an eco-conscious ethos. 

Roy and Tina Power, the owners of Meanwell, decided to launch Ireland’s first minimum waste shop, allowing customers to pick up their organic fruit and vegetables without plastic or packaging. Furthermore, they have 150 refill stations for dry goods and household products. 

Waste reduction and affordability were at the heart of the eco-friendly move, with owner Roy explaining: We’re encouraging more and more people to bring their own jars, bags or containers. By doing that you save on waste and you also save money.” 

The future of veganism and Meanwell looks bright. The supermarket is aiming to launch an online ordering facility in the New Year. In the meantime, if you can’t wait to organise a road trip down to Clare, you’re in luck. Meanwell are sponsors of this year’s Dublin Vegfest. They will be bringing a selection of vegan wines, some of the sweet stuff and much more for you to get your hands on, giving you a real taster of what’s in-store back in Ennis. 

For all the latest Meanwell news, check out their facebook.

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