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One more sleep…

One more sleep…

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Meet KOKO Dairy Free

Veganism is growing globally at a great rate. Hardly a day goes by without some mention of it in the mainstream media. Where do people who are inspired to change their lifestyles by all this go to try vegan alternatives to animal products they have grown up using? Thankfully animal free food products are more abundant than ever and our show 2017 will showcase many of the best local producers of vegan friendly foods. Some of these are our sponsors whose contributions support the fest immensely. One such sponsor is KOKO Dairy free who partnered with our inaugural show last year. We spoke with Heather from KOKO and asked her some questions to give you an idea of what they do and why they are involved with Dublin Vegfest.


What is KOKO Dairy Free?

It’s a unique and delicious range of dairy free milks, yogurts and spread that are made with freshly pressed coconut milk or cream. They have a fresh, clean flavour which makes them highly versatile and an excellent dairy substitute. Our products are approved by the UK Vegan Society, only use natural ingredients and are free of major allergens including dairy, lactose, soya, wheat and gluten.

How did KOKO Dairy Free start?

We saw a gap in the market for a plant based milk that was more similar in taste, versatility and performance to semi skimmed milk and we jumped on it. Our company has expertise in coconut that goes back 20 years. This, alongside the fact that coconut is not an allergen and has a unique profile of health benefits, made developing a fresh tasting and versatile coconut milk the perfect place to start. This result was that we launched the first coconut based milk alternative on the market.

Where do you get your coconuts?

We are a family owned business with our own coconut plantations in the Far East. We have been growing coconut there for over 20 years. All our coconuts are harvested by hand and no monkeys or other animals are involved.

Why coconuts? Benefits, versatility, allergies, etc.?

Coconuts are a fruit not a nut and are not classed as an allergen. This makes them perfect for developing a range of vegan friendly and allergen free products. They are also one of the few natural sources of medium chain fats including lauric acid. These are broken down quickly in the body for energy rather than being stored. Coconuts are also thought to aid brain cognition and have anti-viral properties.

Why is KOKO Dairy Free sponsoring Dublin Vegfest?

We did it last year and it was fantastic! We had a great time and a fabulous response from the people who tried our milks. There is a passionate, growing and engaged group of vegans in Ireland. How could we not get involved again?

Why do you think events like Dublin Vegfest are important?

We think that they present a fabulous opportunity for likeminded and curious people to get together to have some fun, try new products and learn about the important health and sustainability benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

What can we look forward to from KOKO Dairy Free at the event?

We will be sampling a wide range of products including milks and yogurts and would invite everyone to come along to talk to us, try them out and learn a bit more about us.

Thank you.


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See you there…

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