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Our event in a Covid / Post Covid world


As everyone is getting used to society opening up more and live events returning in various shapes and forms, each with their own approach to Covid and hygiene, we thought we’d let you know what our approach is to organising an event in a Covid / Post Covid time. It will hopefully give you a clear picture of what to expect when you attend Dublin Vegfest this year. 


Our new venue, Leinster Cricket Club, is all outdoors. It’s very spacious, and all on one ground level. The surface is a cricket lawn which means  it is very well maintained.

It is open with little shade. This large open area will allow people to move easily, meet up with friends and hangout with plenty of space around them. See the photo above.

Inside/ Outside & Ventilation 

Our Food Village is outdoor as usual. Most talks, presentations and events will happen under cover inside Marquees. To allow adequate ventilation through these structures at all times large doors will be kept open and an adequate number of wall panels will be removed to ensure air flow.

You are welcome to wear a mask while attending if you wish. We will have some masks for anyone that needs one. Just ask at the Info Point or one of our Vegfest Stewards identifiable by a Hi Viz jacket.

Hand sanitizer will be available upon arrival and throughout the venue at all times

We encourage everyone to consider the needs of all attendees and support everyone having a positive experience.

Thank you for reading.

If you are attending or want to attend but would like to ask us questions about any of the above or about anything else just email us at dublinvegfest@gmail.com or message us over Instagram or Facebook on @dublinvegfest . 

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