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Quick look back at 2016…

It’s good to connect again. We’ve got exciting news about our two vegfests this year: Cork Vegfest 2017 and Dublin Vegfest 2017.

But before we talk about that, here’s a quick look back at some highlights of 2016’s Dublin show: The enormous interest and turnout provided some challenges but all and all it was an overwhelmingly positive fun filled day with so much hope for veganism in Ireland.

Bite size Vegan gave the most well attended animal rights and vegan focused talks in Ireland. Since we handed our video of the talk to Emily, it has become a Bite Size Vegan YouTube video called ‘It’s Not Like That Here’ and has been viewed over 21,000 times. Quite an impact. With Dublin Vegfest bringing Bite Size Vegan across the Atlantic to Ireland meant Emily could visit The UK and talk there too. All and all it was a really wonderful boost for veganism in Ireland.

Fiona Oakes spoke for the first time in Ireland to a packed audience. Many people left her talk feeling in awe and truly inspired by this elite vegan athlete. Fiona almost single-handedly runs the Tower Hill Sanctuary with over 400 rescued farmed animals. Watch out in 2018 for a new feature length documentary about this inspiring ultra athlete #runningforgood by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, the makers of Cowspiracy, the sustainability secret. Fiona joins the Irish community again on May 13th at Cork Vegfest.

Some awesome street food was had throughout the day. 2000 people attended Dublin Vegfest. There were over 50 stalls on the day. Dublin Vegfest 2016 was the biggest vegan food event in Ireland. The day was packed with presentations, talks and performance. We are forever grateful to our awesome team without whom none of this would have been possible and of course our wonderful attendees and supporters.

Just one of the many talks and presentations on the day. All talks were super well attended.

In one year we gave away 10 free stall spaces to local and international vegan advocacy and rescue groups. We also contributed around €4000 to vegan non-profits, sanctuaries and advocacy projects.

Things we learned from Dublin Vegfest 2016:

  1. We need to make it a two day event and increase venue space. To accommodate people and support a really good experience
  2. Keep up the quality of speakers and presentations. Bring inspirational speakers to Ireland.
  3. Keep the event firmly pro vegan. Stay focused on the big picture and promote a vegan lifestyle.

We organised a volunteer work day for Back Into Daylight Animal Sanctuary.

It was a blast meeting Bertie (picture below) and all the other residents at BIDAS! Bertie is one of the newest arrivals. He loves being with people 😃 We spent a good part of our work visit building him a new home. Back Into Daylight Animal Sanctuary is home to many rescued animals  birds, dogs, cats, goats, pigs. Run by two utterly dedicated vegan people, Declan and Sharon. It is a safe haven for the residents who are cared for and live out their lives as naturally as possible.

Aaand, big drum roll: Dublin Vegfest 2017 dates are out.

Dublin Vegfest 2017 is back bigger and better than ever. This year’s 2-day event happens in September 23rd & 24th. With new large outdoor areas, a new Speakers area, Vegan Food Village and Chill Zone. Awesome guest speakers and more announced soon.

If you feel like you can’t wait over 7 months till then, why not go to Cork Vegfest…

Cork Vegfest happens on Saturday 13th May in Cork City Hall. With a fantastic lineup of speakers: Patrik Baboumian and Fiona Oakes to name a few and lots of local vegan food producers, it looks set to be an incredible day.

You can get your tickets here on Eventbrite

We are always supporting local vegan groups and producers by networking, publicising and sharing their work or events. We connect them with useful resources or people who can help, mentor start ups and newbie vegans. If you are a newbie vegan, vegan or vegan friendly producer, business or animal rights group, get in touch and share your story with us. We’ll be glad to help if we can!

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