Athletes Panel with Maeve Frawley and Patrick Elliott

24 Sep 2023
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Athletes Panel with Maeve Frawley and Patrick Elliott

Tired of misinformation about vegan health and nutrition? Wondering if vegans be physically strong and active? Our two panellists will share their experiences and guidance as well as take your questions.

Maeve Frawley is a weight coach, fitness professional, mother, entrepreneur and a lecturer at Munster Technological University. This single mom still finds the time & passion to pursue her love of sport as a Strongwoman. As a vegan, Maeve proves that you can be plant-based and physically strong. Maeve attributes her improved health, strength and performance very much in part to her plant-based eating. At 42 she is competing at a high level. She has represented Ireland in the sport, and feels she has only scratched the surface. Maeve will share some experiences of training, nutrition, competing and being physically strong as a vegan!

Patrick is a PhD student in Human Nutrition at University College Dublin (UCD), with a master’s degree in Public Health (Nutrition) from UCD, and a bachelor of science (honours) degree in Sports Science and Health from Dublin City University (DCU). Patrick has a passion for sharing nutrition science and combatting misinformation, which is the focus of his role as the Health and Nutrition Science Communication Officer for Training121 and as a contributor to My Nutrition Science. Patrick is also active on social media (Instagram) where he shares information on health and nutrition science. Patrick loves to run, listen to music (particularly punk rock), and hang out with his dogs. He is also an advocate for animal rights, planetary health, and socially progressive causes.