Dr John Allman: Health & Environment

24 Sep 2023
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Dr John Allman: Health & Environment

John is a fulltime GP in Dublin. He is a graduate from Trinity College Dublin and spent several years practicing as a GP in England.

He is involved in teaching of medical students from UCD and TCD. He has been a GP Trainer over the last decade. He is also a founding member of the Sustainable Healthcare working group in ICGP (Irish College for General Practitioners) and has been co-chair of the Primary Care Sustainability Group in Irish Doctors for the Environment. He is also a founding member of Plant-Based Doctors Ireland. John is a passionate advocate of preventative medicine and the use of lifestyle approaches for both health and disease with particular emphasis on optimum nutrition. He has completed Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine (2019) and eCornell Certificate in Plant-based nutrition (2016).

Working as a GP he found himself needing to meet patients where they were at. Some were reluctant to take medication but happy to improve their diet or exercise more. He realised that patients really value when doctors give specific personalised lifestyle advice and the positive feedback greatly enhances job satisfaction. Imagine consultations revolving around improving breakfast, demonstrating squats or meditating better!!

Once engaged in lifestyle medicine it naturally percolates into practice with patients adopting the measures suggested and staff also embracing similar changes so the work atmosphere also benefits. There are other more global benefits in this approach as it leads to a reduction in healthcare costs and potentially lower carbon footprint from the decrease in resource use; a triple win – good for health, finances and the planet.