Feeding Vegans Panel / SUNDAY 29th

29 Sep 2019
Dessert Island - Cafe Area

Feeding Vegans Panel / SUNDAY 29th

Virginia O’Gara is founder and co-owner of My Goodness. Her vegan culinary history began 20 years ago in Dallas, U.S with Food Not Bombs, an organization that uses ‘waste’ food as a tool for social change. Virginia has a particular interest in using fermentation as a method of promoting health, utilizing local goods, and decreasing food waste through sustainable preservation. My Goodness creates a wide range of delicious raw living food products that are vegan, gluten and refined sugar free. These include probiotic rich Water Kefir made from fermented rainwater, Sauerkrauts, Sprouts, Raw Cakes, Salads, Fermented Salsas, Paté, Vinegars, and Vinaigrette.

Phil Smith, the founder of successful brand Shoots & Roots, quit his office job to travel the world, came back vegetarian (and later vegan). He decided he wanted to become a chef and worked through some of Ireland’s best Veggie restaurants. Phil then set up Shoots and Roots 4 years ago. He now employes 5 staff, runs 6 weekly markets in Dublin, wholesales into Avoca stores and sells into 12 Supervalu stores.

Christina Leopold is a vegan blogger and recipe developer from the south west of Ireland. On her instagram page @addictedtodates she shares vibrant plant-based creations made from mainly whole-food ingredients. She is also a passionate self-thought food stylist and photographer. Through her recipes, she hopes to inspire others to get creative with food, to eat plant-based and help them to adopt veganism. The aim of Addicted To Dates is show that you can enjoy all the flavours, colours and textures of the foods you enjoy through a plant-based diet without using other animals.

Listen to their experience of Feeding Vegans in a Panel discussion on Sunday 29th September 2019.

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