Maryle’s Plantry: Mousse Au Chocolate / SUNDAY 29th

29 Sep 2019
Demo Area - Auditorium

Maryle’s Plantry: Mousse Au Chocolate / SUNDAY 29th

Maria Lukjanov is a mum of two, vegan recipe developer and food photographer. She’s been vegan for over three years now and specializes in desserts, cakes and snacks. She really wanted to show everyone who wasn’t vegan that vegan food is beautiful and delicious and that’s how she started her IG account.

Her kids love her creations but they don’t always get to eat them as they are not of the “healthy type”. Her lucky colleagues and friends get to enjoy most of them. She tries to create healthier desserts and snacks but sometimes a cake needs to be a full fat, full sugar cake. It is cake after all! It’s all about balance.

Maria will be creating Mousse Au Chocolat on Sunday 29th September.

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