Michael Donohoe: Micro greens demo / SATURDAY 28th

28 Sep 2019
Dessert Island - Cafe Area

Michael Donohoe: Micro greens demo / SATURDAY 28th

Michael Donohoe is a professional Acrobatic Fitness Coach from Dublin. He co-own’s Fierce Fitness with Terri Walsh, in Maynooth Co.Kildare. Michael has a number of local and international winning titles in Pole Sports\Dance and Fitness. Michael represented Ireland at the World Championships in China and Romania over the last 3 years. He spends most of his time teaching Circus Arts including Hand balance, Trapeze, Corde Lisse and Pole Acrobatics around the world and at his studio. Michael has worked within the fitness industry for 13 years and has a lot of knowledge and experience of fitness programmes and nutrition. Michael has been Vegan for 4 years and finds it brings health benefits to him in his field as an acrobat. “Veganism is a lifestyle for me and has really become a central part of my life. It really is not as difficult as it is made out to be. Anyone can do it”.

Learn more about how to grow your own micro greens and use them in your daily meals.

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