So Vegan: Rich Ragu Pasta / SATURDAY 28th

28 Sep 2019
Demo Area - Auditorium

So Vegan: Rich Ragu Pasta / SATURDAY 28th

Roxy & Ben, aka So Vegan, are the power couple redefining what veganism is all about. Their fun and fuss-free attitude to cooking has attracted well over 1 million followers, inspiring people all over the world to eat more delicious plants.

They’ve now made it their mission to inspire everyone to live more sustainable lives. From the food on our plates to the clothes we wear, Roxy & Ben use their platform to talk about all aspects of vegan living.

Their debut cookbook So Vegan in 5 was published on 27th December 2018 attracting support from the likes of Paul McCartney and Chris Martin. With over 100 super simple 5-ingredient recipes, the cookbook made it easier and more accessible than ever before to cook tasty vegan food at home

Meet Roxy & Ben on Saturday 28th September.

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