Cooking For Freedom

Cooking For Freedom


We are asylum seekers who love to cook. In cooking, we feel purpose and get pleasure. In cooking, we nourish our loved ones and ourselves- not only physically but also soulfully too. It is joyful! Up until now we, being asylum seekers, have not had access to cooking facilities. This has really been very tough and has left a huge void in our days.

We now have access to two kitchens on loan for a couple of days every week. We take it in turns to use the kitchens – when we have money to buy ingredients!

“Cooking was a right that was taken away from us. It means a lot to cook now. Its like self-empowerment to us. The project lets us build relationships with one another where we get to meet. Its also very good for our mental health. Its such a pleasure standing above those pots putting in those ingredients and to know at the end of the day you are eating what you have prepared for yourself”

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