VGN podcast

VGN podcast


Many of the podcasts that inhabit the vegan media landscape have a very straightforward interview-style format—one host (possibly two) paired with a different guest every week to discuss an aspect of vegan activism. 

This is fine. But there is a gap for a more informal weekly news round up that provides audiences with all the information they need regarding issues and provides a deep dive on big stories using a variety of perspectives from a diverse group of media professionals who inhabit different parts of the spectrum. 

The average episode is approximately 30 to 40 minutes. However, the VGN journalist team also will make appearances in different cities to record live episodes of the pod, which include the usual episode, live games, and talk-show type panels that invite guests to include movement organizers, animal behaviorists, plant-based entrepreneurs, social psychologists, environmental experts, journalists and climatologists.

We want to give people live experiences in different cities to create local communities where people can take conversations to the next level and benefit from shared resources…and more importantly, learn new information by having fun!

Of course these live shows will also be professionally recorded and edited for distribution on the VGN YouTube channel. 

The current VGN team (from left) Tom Lane, Christopher Sebastian, Tyler Tolson, and Jay Brave.


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VGN Podcast Recording / SUNDAY 29th

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