Save the date DUBLIN VEGFEST 28th & 29th September 2019


Our Sustainability Partner for Dublin Vegfest 2019 is

So, this year, we are working with to make Vegfest as sustainable and zero waste as possible. We have two ambitious targets. Firstly, we are aiming to eliminate single use plastic usage. This will be achieved by ensuring all packaging across all our Food Village vendors in 2019 is compostable. This feeds into our second goal of diverting more than 90% of waste generated at the event from landfill.

To reduce and eliminate plastic water bottles we are providing self service, drinking water bottle refill stations each day of the event. We are continuously working to reduce our environmental impact in many other areas. You are invited to support our efforts by declining unnecessary packaging and or using your own reusable water bottle, coffee/tea cup, cutlery, containers and bags where and if you can. offers an end to end zero waste solution. Transition your business away from single use plastics to compostables and begin your zero waste journey. Services include supplying compostables, advising your business and disposing of your waste, all at a below market rate. Contact directly for further information and advisory services.

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